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About Us

Analox Instruments Ltd is an independent British company established in the United Kingdom with 40 years experience in the development, manufacture and supply of analytical measurement systems (analysers and biochemical reagent consumables) for the scientific research markets.


The electrochemical technology employed in our products is exceptionally fast with results becoming available in less than 25 seconds after sample injection, and is remarkably free from the interference problems associated with traditional optical techniques.

The unique selling proposition of our technology lies in its simplicity, quality of results and the range of analytes that could be measured on a single instrumentation platform.

Our products are used in over 65 countries world-wide including all major markets - North America, EU, Japan, Malaysia, Australasia and most east European countries. Two thirds of the Company’s output is exported, mostly through distributors.

We manufacture all of our products - analysers and reagent consumables - to internationally recognised quality systems.

Market Sectors

The markets for the Analox technology are varied but primarily include the Research and Commercial, Industrial & Biotechnology markets.

The Research market sector requires the measurement of a wide range of analytes, (e.g. glucose, cholesterol, urea, uric acid, lactate, ammonia, alcohol, creatinine and glycerol) widely used as indicators for certain disease states, and of the integrity of organ function. This sector also includes the sports science sub sector in which lactate is routinely measured for fitness development, training and monitoring.

The Industrial & Biotechnology market which includes the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and the food & beverage sectors routinely measure analytes such as methanol, ethanol and glycerol which are used in process control and fermentation applications.


  • Clinical Pathology - for the diagnosis of disease states
  • Diabetes Monitoring & Research – for the accurate and rapid measurement of whole blood and serum glucose
  • Sports Medicine & Research – for the measurement of lactate and other analytes in fitness development and training
  • Alcohol Research – for studies on the metabolic consequences of alcoholism


  • Food & Beverage analysis – for fermentation and process control monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology analysis – for process control monitoring
  • Non-Biotechnology analysis - for process control monitoring

Our customer base

Analox’s customers operate in the Research and Commercial, Industrial & Biotechnology sectors.

The company’s products are used routinely in hospitals clinical biochemistry departments, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, food & drink and other industrial companies, medical schools, universities and other research institutes.


  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Life science Research Institutes
  • University Research Institutes
  • Medical Research Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies
  • Food and Beverage companies
  • OTC Consumer Healthcare companies/manufactures
  • Sports Research Organisations

Scientific Publications

This section contains a list of publications from independent scientific researchers using Analox systems.


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Alcohol Research (186 k) - download now
Applications in Sports Science (183 k) - download now
Full Publication List (238 k) - download now
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