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GM9 Glucose Analyser
GM9 Glucose Analyser The Analox GM9 analyser, used in Research applications, is an ultra-fast system for glucose analysis GM9 Glucose Analyser
GL6 The GL6 analyser is used in Industrial, Commercial & Biotechnology analyses for the rapid and precise analysis of multiple analytes of industrial and biotechnological importance. GL6
LM5 Lactate Analyser
LM5 Lactate Analyser The LM5 measures lactate in both Clinical Research and Industrial, Commercial & Biotechnology applications. Fast, precise and accurate. Offering results you can trust. LM5 Lactate Analyser

Analox Analysers offer unparalleled analytical performance and versatility to assist the scientific research markets.

Our instruments are designed for the analysis of many common analytes including glucose, alcohol and lactate, which we also supply.

The reliable, reproducible solution for research and biotech, industrial and commercial applications.

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