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GM9 Glucose Analyser

A premium, world class system, Analox Analysers offer unparalleled analytical performance and versatility to assist the scientific research markets. The Analox GM9 Analyser is an ultra-fast stand alone system for glucose analysis in plasma and other fluids. The system offers exceptional precision and accuracy and is used in a variety of applications and fields. 

Contact us to find out how the GM9 can assist with your glucose related testing or for a quote. We also manufacture a range of reagents, kits and standards for use with the GM9 to ensure effective, reliable and reproducible results.

Application Areas

AreaExample Topics
Metabolic Studies
  • Brain metabolic connectivity and obesity
  • Changes in the blood of Type 2 Diabetes with metabolic syndrome
  • The impact of weight on metabolic health
Biochemical Research
  • Identifying biomarkers for diabetes
  • Researching methods of restoring liver function in diabetes
  • The impact of portal glucose sensing in hormone secretion
Studies in Diabetes Mellitus (DM)
  • Potential causes of type 1 diabetes
  • Testing a type 1 vaccine
Glucose Clamping
  • Studies using the euglycemic clamp to study insulin sensitivity and glucose turnover (uptake and production)
  • Studies utilising the hyperglycemic clamp to study insulin sensitivity and glucose turnover under hyperglycemia, or insulin secretion


After calibration with a standard of the selected metabolite, the single injection of sample is all that is needed to obtain a result and prepare the analyser for the next analysis. Sample injection via an accurate positive displacement pipette triggers the complete analytical cycle and a hard-copy result is printed within 25 seconds.

Order Number





Instrument Specification

Method Enzymatic oxygen-rate
Sensor Clark-type amperometric oxygen electrode
Reaction Temp. 30°C
Display 32 character backlit LCD
Printer Thermal Printer
Statistics Sequential, giving mean, S.D and C.V.
Interface Serial data port
Power 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, in to Power Supply and 12V , 3.3A DC out
Dimensions 23cm(width) x 29cm(depth) x 15cm(height)
Weight 3.8Kg (Portable, 6Kg)


Example data below, please see GM9 Brochure or Analyte Technical Bulletins for full specifications

Analytical Perfomance

  Precision Accuracy (Method Comparisons) Linearity
Glucose C.V. of 1.0% @ 5 mmol/L (plasma) C.V. 1.4 % @ 10 mmol/L (plasma) i) Method comparison vs Hexokinase: y(Analox) = 0.985x - 0.14 mmol/L, r = 0.999, n = 156 ii) Method comparison vs Beckman; y(Analox) = 1.005x - 0.07 mmol/L, r = 0.999, n = 123 30.0 mmol/L (540 mg/dl) for 10µl samples; 50.0 mmol/L (900 mg/dl) for 5µl samples



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Effects of short-term sprint interval and moderate-intensity continuous training on liver fat content, lipoprotein profile, and substrate uptake: a randomized trial
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