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The GL6 analyser is used in Industrial, Commercial & Biotechnology analyses for the rapid and precise analysis of multiple analytes of industrial and biotechnological importance.

The analyser can be specified to include five of the following single point calibration assays according to your areas of interest: Ethanol, Glucose, Glycerol, Lactate, Methanol, Sucrose or Lactose.

Application Areas

Measurement of key analytes in the following applications:

  • Food & beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Industrial process control


After calibration with a standard of the selected analyte, the single injection of sample is all that is needed to obtain a result and prepare the analyser for the next analysis.

Sample injection via an accurate positive displacement pipette triggers the complete analytical cycle and a hard-copy result is printed within 25 seconds.

Order Number

Analox GL6


Instrument Specification

Method Enzymatic oxygen-rate
Sensor Clark-type amperometric oxygen electrode
Reaction Temp. 30°C
Display 32 character backlit LCD
Printer 16 column dot matrix, 1 line/sec.
Statistics Sequential, giving mean, S.D and C.V.
Interface Serial data port
Power 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, 12-15VDC, 60VA
Dimensions 23cm(width) x 29cm(depth) x 15cm(height)
Weight 3.8Kg (Portable, 6Kg)


Example data below, please see Analyte Technical Bulletins for full specifications. The GL6 is supplied as standard with the 0.5ml reaction chamber.

Analytical Perfomance

  Precision Accuracy (Method Comparisons) Linearity
Glucose 0.01 g/L @2g/L N/A 0.05 - 40 %W/V
Lactate 0.01 %W/V N/A 0.06 – 14 mmol/L (ca. 0.5 - 126 mg/dl)
Ethanol 0.01 %V/V, 0.001% (selectable) N/A 0.1 – 10 %V/V
Glycerol 0.01 %W/V N/A 0.1 - 4.0 %W/V (1.0 - 40.0 g/L)
Methanol 0.01 %W/V N/A ca. 5 - 500 ppm ca. 0.05 - 4 %W/V (aqueous dilution)

Ordering Information


For a full list of ordering info please visit the support page.

GMRD-002A Glucose oxidase reagent, 250ml, 360 cycles
GMRD-015 Glucose standard, 1.0% W/V, 30ml
GMRD-016 Glucose standard, 5.0% W/V, 30ml
GMRD-017 Glucose standard, 8.0% W/V, 30ml
GMRD-018 Glucose standard, 20.0% W/V, 30ml
GMRD-095 Lactose reagent kit for GL6/GM8, 50-100 tests, incl std.
GMRD-105 Sucrose reagent kit for GL6/GM8, 50-100 tests, incl std
GMRD-110(I) Ethanol reagent kit, 70 cycles, [AM2 – 28 cycles]
GMRD-110(IJ) Ethanol reagent kit, 560 (8x70) cycles [AM2 – 224 cycles]
GMRD-185 Glycerol reagent kit, 140 cycles, incl. 2.0% w/v (20g/L) standard
GMRD-292 Lactate II reagent kit, 1000 cycles, incl. 0.72g/L standard
GMRD-293 Lactate II reagent kit, 250 cycles, incl. 0.72g/L standard

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