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  A fast and precise enzymatic assay for plasma cholesterol using Cholesterol Oxidase.

Clinical & Research

Our Clinical & Research is explained in detail below.

Clinical & Research


i) Cholesterol esters are converted to free cholesterol in a brief pre-reaction:

ii) In the presence of molecular oxygen, cholesterol is oxidised by the enzyme cholesterol oxidase to cholestenone and hydrogen peroxide

Under the conditions of the assay, oxygen consumption is directly proportional to cholesterol concentration.

Technical Summary

Samples Plasma or serum. Whole blood for screening only
Sample Volume 30 µl
Analysis Time 20 seconds
Analytical Cycle Approx. 60 seconds

0-10 mmol/L (0-387 mg/dl)

Precision C.V. of 1 % @ 5 mmol/L (194 mg/dl)
Detection Limit 0.25 mmol/L (ca. 10 mg/dl)
Reagent Stability

Shelf-life unopened: 6 months stored at 0 - 5°C. 

Shelf-life reconstituted: Cholesterol oxidase enzyme, 7 - 10 days stored at 0 - 5°C.


Whole blood cholesterol values are lower than plasma or serum by on average 15 - 20 %.

Analysis of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol fraction can be performed using Analox HDL microtubes, code: GMRD-089

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