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This section contains some of the frequently asked questions about the Analox system.


Where can I obtain reagents and consumables for my Analox analyser?

Analox produce a full range of dedicated reagents and consumables to support all analysers. Contact Analox directly for a full product list.

How quickly does the Analox Analyser provide the result?

All Analox analysers will give a printed result in approximately 20 seconds from sample injection, depending on assay. Sample-to-Sample time varies but is typically approximately 1 minute.

How do I check my analyser is performing correctly?

The best way to check analyser performance is to use the analysers internal statistics program. This will provide Mean, SD and CV on a short run of sample injections. A Performance Test Kit is also available with full instructions.

What does ‘Electrode Output’ mean?

The oxygen electrode sensor used in the Analox range of analysers produces an extremely small electrical current proportional to the oxygen tension observed in the reaction chamber. This current is displayed as the Electrode Output and gives a good indication as to general electrode condition.

Why do I see ‘Fluid Level Fault’ message?

This message can be displayed if the analyser is running low on reagent or the analyser is being “Flushed” with distilled or deionised water.

How often do I need to change the Electrode membrane?

The working life of the Electrode membrane can vary. In normal use it will last from between 2-4 months and is not dependant on sample throughput. If the electrode output is abnormally high this may be an indication that a change of membrane is required.

How often do I need to change the Pipette Tip?

The pipette tip should be changed on a regular basis. Wear to the piston/tip arrangement will result in inaccurate sample delivery and therefore poor analytical precision.

My laboratory runs at over 30°C can I still use the analyser?

Provided the temperature does not vary whilst using the analyser this will not be a problem. More frequent calibration checks are recommended however.

What range of Sample size volumes can I use with my Analox Analyser?

Most Analox analytical systems allow full user control of injected sample volume, from 3-25ul. This very much depends on individual assay and analytical range required.

Can I output results to a computer?

Use the Analox RS232 Data Transfer software (order code GMCB-165) to collect data and output to external database spreadsheet if required.

Is there a basic trouble-shooting guide I can use to check my analyser is working ok?

All analyser Operation Manuals contain a complete trouble-shooting guide, and Operation Manuals are always available to download from the Registered User Content section of this site.

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