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Acute effect of different normobaric hypoxic conditions on shuttle repeated sprint

performance in futsal players

Pattarawut Khaosanit, Michael J. Hamlin, Kenneth S. Graham, Wanchai Boonrod 

Journal of Physical Education and Sport (JPES), 18(1), Art 27. 2018 pp 210 - 216


The impact of short duration, high intensity exercise on cardiac troponin release

Keith P George, Marie Clare Grant, Bruce Davies, Julien S. Baker 

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The Effect of Prior Upper Body Exercise on Subsequent Wingate Performance

Marie Clare Grant, Robert Robergs, Marianne Findlay Baird and Julien S. Baker 

Biomed Research International Volume 2014, Article ID 329328 2014

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation: No Enhancement of Recovery From Maximal Exercise

John K. Malone, Catherine Blake, Brian Caulfield 

International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance 9 (5): 2014 pp 791-797

RPE-Derived Work Rates Can Be Accurately Produced without External Feedback or Reference to the RPE Scale

Alexis R. Mauger, Tabo Huntley, Iain M. Fletcher

Perceptual and Motor Skills Vol 118, Issue 2 2014


Insulin response to feeding forage with varying crude protein and amino acid content in horses at rest and after exercise

S. Ringmark, A. Jansson

Comparative Exercise Physiology: 9 (3-4) 2013 pp 209–217

Growth, training response and health in Standardbred yearlings fed a forage-only diet

S. Ringmark, L. Roepstorff, B. Essén-Gustavsson, T. Revold, A. Lindholm, U. Hedenström, M. Rundgren, G. Ögren and A. Jansson Animal Volume 7, Issue 5 May 2013 pp 746-753 


The physiological effects of low-intensity neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) on short-term recovery from supra-maximal exercise bouts in male triathletes 

J.K.Malone, G.F.Coughlan, L.Crowe, G.C.Gissanen, B.Caulfield

European Journal of Applied Physiology July 2012, Volume 112, Issue 7 2012 pp 2421–2432


The Use of the Functional H:Q Ratio to Assess Fatigue in Soccer 

A. Delextrat 1, J. Gregory 2, D. Cohen

Int J Sports Med 2010; 31 pp 192–197


The effects of cadence and power output upon physiological and biomechanical responses to incremental arm-crank ergometry

Michael J. Price, Lee Collins, Paul M. Smith, Mark Goss-Sampson

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Chocolate milk as a post-exercise recovery aid

J.R. Karp et al

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Effects of ribose supplementation prior to and during intensive exercise on anaerobic capacity and metabolic markers

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Exercise in the fasted state facilitates fibre type-specific intramyocellular lipid breakdown and stimulates glycogen resynthesis in humans

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Optimised and non-optimised high intensity cycle ergometry and running ability in international rugby union players

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Metabolic implications of high intensity cycle ergometry exercise for blood lactate accumulation and clearance 

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Effects of acute hypoxia on the determination of anaerobic threshold using the heart rate – work rate relationships during incremental exercise tests

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Comparison of Lower- vs. Upper-Body Cooling During Arm Exercise in Hot Conditions

Price, Michael J.; Mather, Mark I.

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Lactate and ventilatory thresholds reflect the training status of professional soccer players re where maximum aerobic power is unchanged 

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Skeletal muscle glucose uptake response to exercise in trained and untrained men 

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Work-time profile, blood lactate concentration and rating of perceived exertion in the 1998 Greco-Roman Wrestling World Championship 

Johnny Nilsson, Sandor Csergö, Lennart Gullstrand, Per Tveit, Per Egil Refsnes

Journal of Sports Sciences 20(11) 2002 pp 939-45 

Caffieine is ergogenic after supplementation of oral creatine monohydrate 

M. Docherty, P.M. Smith, R.C.R. Davidson and M.G. Hughes,

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Handgrip contribution to lactate production and leg power during high-intensity exercise 

J. Baker, E. Brown, G. Hill, G. Phillips, R. Williams and B. Davies

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The influence of pacing strategy in VO2 and supramaximal kayak performance 

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Diagnosing external iliac endofibrosis by post exercise ankle to arm index in cyclists 

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Inspiratory muscle training improves rowing performance 

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Training in hypoxia: Modulation of metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors in men

D.M.Bailey, B.Davies and J.Baker

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Left ventricular contractility and function at peak aerobic and anaerobic exercises 

M.Sagiv, D.Bwen-Sira, E.Goldhammer and M.Soudry

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Human erythrocyte and plasma amino acid concentrations during exercise 

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Intensity of exercise during road race Pro-cycling competition 

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A 1-day maximal lactate steady-state assessment protocol for trained runners 

A.S.Palmer, J.A.Potteiger, K.L.Nau and R.J.Tong

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Training effects of short and long bouts of brisk walking in sedentary women 

M.H.Murphy and A.E.Hardman

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Oxygen uptake during moderate intensity running: response following a single bout of interval training

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A 5-minute running field test as a measurement of maximal aerobic velocity 

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Physiological responses to short-duration high-intensity intermittent rowing 

L.Gullstrand, Can

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A study of physiological responses during match play in Indian national kabaddi players 

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Basic principles of race pace training 

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Maximal aerobic power of Hong Kong elite lightweight rowers 

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Developing swimmers aerobic capacities 

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Heartache or Heartbreak 

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Altitude training – is it necessary? 


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Streamlining Lactates 

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Training with times established from the modified two speed test 

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Heart rate and blood lactate response to short intermittent work at race pace in highly trained swimmers 

L.Gullstrand and S.Lawrence

Australian Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, March 1987

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