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A premium, world class system, Analox Analysers offer unparalleled analytical performance and versatility to assist the scientific research markets. The Analox GL5 Analyser is an ultra-fast stand alone system for analysis of a range of chemistries in plasma and other fluids. The system offers exceptional precision and accuracy and is used in a variety of applications. It is delivered pre-programmed for Glucose, Lactate, Cholesterol and Alcohol with one spare channel.

Contact us to find out how the GL5 can assist with your research or for a quote. We also manufacture a range of reagents, kits and standards for use with the GL5 to ensure effective, reliable and reproducible results.

Application Areas

AreaExample Topic
Diabetes Research
  • Potential causes of type 1 diabetes
  • Testing a type 1 vaccine
Clinical Pathology
  • Researching sepsis causes, progression and processes
Alcoholism Research
  • Effects of prolonged alcohol use and binging
  • Ethanol induced impairment
  • Neurotoxivity induced by ethanol withdrawal
  • Impact of alcohol use on cognitive development
  • Ethanol self-administration tendencies
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome
Sports Science/Exercise Physiology
  • Using blood lactate levels as a marker for training intensity in a wide variety of sports
  • Studying the effects of exercise on the body
  • Studying the effectiveness of post exercise recovery aids
  • Analysing the effects of conditions and environment on physical performance
Sports Medicine Research
  • Studying External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis in cyclists


After calibration with a standard of the selected metabolite, the single injection of sample is all that is needed to obtain a result and prepare the analyser for the next analysis.

Sample injection via an accurate positive displacement pipette triggers the complete analytical cycle and a hard-copy result is printed within 25 seconds.

Order Number





Instrument Specification

Method Enzymatic oxygen-rate
Sensor Clark-type amperometric oxygen electrode
Reaction Temp. 30°C
Display 32 character backlit LCD
Printer Thermal Printer
Statistics Sequential, giving mean, S.D and C.V.
Interface Serial data port
Power 100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, in to Power Supply and 12V , 3.3A DC out
Dimensions 23cm(width) x 29cm(depth) x 15cm(height)
Weight 3.8Kg (Portable, 6Kg)


Example data below, please see GL5 Brochure or Analyte Technical Bulletins for full specifications and additional method comparison.

Analytical Perfomance

  Precision Accuracy (Method Comparisons) Linearity
Glucose C.V. of 1.0% @ 5 mmol/L (plasma) Method comparison vs Hexokinase y (Analox) = 0.985x - 0.14 mmol/L, r = 0.999, n = 156 30.0 mmol/L (540 mg/dl) for 10 µl samples
Lactate C.V. of 2% @ 2.5 mmol/L Method comparison for whole blood vs YSI 23L: y (Analox) = 0.98x + 0.055 mmol/L, r = 0.9991, n = 56 10 mmol/L (ca. 90 mg/dl) for 7 µl samples
Alcohol C.V. of 2.5% @18.5 mmol/L (ca. 85 mg/dl; whole blood) Method comparison for whole blood (neutralized PCA extract) vs GC: y (Analox) = 1.039x + 0.28 mmol/L, r = 0.991, n = 27 43.0 mmol/L (ca. 200 mg/dl) for 5 µl samples



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To view the full list of GL5 Citations click here.

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