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Analox’s systems measure a wide range of analytes in the Clinical & Research and the Industrial & Biotechnology markets.

These include clinically relevant compounds such as glucose, lactate, and cholesterol and other widely measured analytes of biotechnology, bioprocessing and industrial importance e.g. ethanol, methanol and glycerol.

The table below shows examples of analytes that can be
measured in Clinical & Research and Industrial applications

Clinical & Research:

Glucose Diabetes research - clamp studies
Glucose, lactate, alcohol, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL, glycerol
Clinical pathology
Alcoholism research
Sports Science/Exercise physiology
Industry & Biotechnology:

Glucose, ethanol, lactate, ammonia, sucrose, glutamine, glycerol.
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical
Glucose, lactose, lactate, sucrose, ethanol, methanol
Food & beverage
Ethanol, glycerol
Toiletry manufacture

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