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Methanol can be measured in the Industrial & Biotechnology applications.

Please see examples below.

Industry & Biotechnology

Methanol  is usually measured in the food & beverage,  fermentation and culture control applications

  • Bioprocessing applications e.g. the measurement of methanol in Pichia Pastoris expression systems
  • Velcorin® systems e.g. the Quality Control of Dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC)

Velcorin® is a registered trademark of the Bayer Corporation

Industry & Biotechnology

A rapid high performance methanol analysis based on the direct reaction with the enzyme Alcohol Oxidase (AOD).

The Analox AM5, GL6 & GM8 analysers offer a fast, simple and accurate method for the measurement of methanol in a variety of applications including for example the measurement of methanol in Pichia pastoris expression systems, and in beverage applications for example Quality Control for Dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC) preservative dosing.

The Analox AM5 is a single channel methanol analyser that can be specifically configured for either application area.


Dimethyl dicarbonate hydrolyses after a few hours to breakdown products carbon dioxide and methanol. The methanol concentration is determined by enzymatic oxidation with buffered alcohol oxidase according to the equation:

Under controlled conditions, the rate of oxygen uptake from the buffer is directly proportional to methanol concentration

Technical Summary

Samples Soft drinks and other aqueous beverages, still or carbonated
Sample Volume Typically 10 µl
Analysis Time 20 seconds
Analytical Range ca. 0 - 500ppm (500 mg/L,0.05% W/V)
Precision C.V. typically = 1 - 2 % @ 100 mg/L
Reagent Stability

Shelf-life unopened: 6 months stored at 0-5°C. 

Shelf-life reconstituted: AOD/buffer reagent, ca. 5 days stored at 0-5°C.

Selectivity Alcohol oxidase also measures ethanol, so alcoholic soft drinks should not be analysed


i) Some juices and other beverages contain a low background level of methanol which can be determined before dosage with DMDC.

ii) No sample pre-treatment is normally necessary except carbonated products which should be degassed in the normal way.

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